Basic Reloading of a Rifle Cartridge (Video)

Last week we posted an introduction to reloading ammunition, and promised we’d follow up with more about how to actually do the reloading.

As with many DIY instructions, we figured visual was probably better than describing it. This video again covers some of the basics of what you need to get started reloading as well, so if you enjoyed this post, you’ll like seeing the actual equipment at work in this video.

As we mentioned last week, this is a really great set-up to consider investing in if you’re an avid shooter, and would also like to spend some money on tools and develop skills that will be invaluable after a large-scale disaster that destroys the infrastructure currently in place to manufacture ammunition. It also saves a whole lot of money on ammunition, so if you hunt or sport shoot, you’ll love how quickly the set-up will pay for itself.

This is actually a two-part video series, and we’ve included both, so you can see the start-to-finish process of reloading a cartridge.

Part one takes you through the basic equipment, and the steps leading up to priming, while the second video covers the charging the cases and seating the bullet (you will probably also learn what those steps are, if you don’t understand that description!)


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