Bug-Out Gear for Your Dog

If you’ve got a canine companion, you’ve probably thought about keeping extra food and provisions around for them. But have you considered prepping a bug-out bag for your dog?

If you’ve got a larger breed of dog, you’re probably planning on taking them with you when you bug out, so you can prepare a bag for them too!

There’s a wide variety of dog backpacks and satchels on the market, so choose one that’s right for your dog’s size and strength. Here are some suggestions for what to pack in it:


This is obvious, of course. But don’t just pack the thing full of canned wet food, think about weight and longevity. You might want to pack some dry food and those jerky-style chews, as they will last a long time and are incredibly lightweight. Note: if you plan on sharing your survival food with your dog, bear in mind that dogs don’t handle a lot of human food very well (despite their willingness to eat it). While they are omnivores, grains are not always the best option for Fido. While grains will sustain them, they’re not awesome for their digestive system and can increase the likelihood of issues like mange. Try to limit their food to meat and vegetables, if possible, and give them things you can’t eat, like fat, gristle, or bones.

Collapsable dish

This will be essential if you’re bugging out with your dog. For both food and water, you’ll need to be able to quickly and easily feed your pooch, and collapsable dog dishes are very lightweight and easy to stash in a bug-out bag.

Dog boots

Dogs obviously are perfectly capable of traversing many different kinds of terrain, but the pads of their feet can get sore and worn out, especially if they’re used to houses, parks, and lawns.


You never know how your dog might react to a difficult situation or give your location away by barking, so pack a muzzle just in case, to keep yourself and your dog safe and prevent him from being a threat to others when he’s scared.

First aid

Most first aid items you’ll pack for yourself can double for your dog, but just make sure you have what he’ll need, like de-wormer, proper dosages of antibiotics or painkillers, or balm or salve for sore paws, for example.


Now I get this might be a difficult item to find, but if you love your dogs like I do mine, you’ll probably want him to fare well after a nuclear blast or some other disaster that will make breathing difficult. They do make respirators and gas masks for dogs, so definitely consider the investment.


Remember, dogs are not only loyal companions that we love like family, they can also be incredibly valuable during survival for security, trailblazing, hunting, and even warmth. Prepare your dog to survive along with you and have what they’ll need to stick it out with you.

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