Concealed Carry Newbie Tips

When you first get your CCL, it is very exciting. But carrying a concealed weapon is not a force field that protects you from any and all aggressors, it is something you need to think about, get used to, and have a good plan. Here are some tips for making you gain the right experience with carrying a concealed weapon and are prepared for the moment when it could save your life.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

There’s a sort of bravado in the gun world of being able to talk with an informed tone about different kinds of weapons, ammo, etc. You might feel a little silly when you are a newbie and embarrassed to ask questions, but don’t let this top you. Join online forums, talk to people at the range, if you’re unsure about anything related to firearms, particularly your own firearm, inform yourself by whatever means possible. It could be literally life and death.

2. Don’t rush the setup

These days, especially for women, the quickest growing demographic of gun owners, looking for the right holster or concealed carry purse can be exciting and overwhelming. Don’t just buy the first item you come across that looks good; take the time to compare reviews, consider your daily life and concealment needs (as opposed to what’s popular), and take your time. This isn’t a new pair of Jordans or a Gucci purse that will look classy on anyone, it’s a crucial tool in your personal self-defense system, and it needs to work right for you.

3. Practice, practice, practice

Go to the range as much as you can. You need to be familiar with your weapon. Imagine if you got your drivers license right after learning to drive, and left your car in the garage all the time, only ever expecting to need to drive someone in a high-pressure emergency? That’s what it’s like to never use your firearm but keep it on you only for emergencies. It will only save your life if you can use it easily and effectively. Likewise, practice drawing as much as you can, and do as many drills at home as you can, just make sure to always practice the principle gun safety measures at all times.


Carrying a weapon is a right, but it is not to be taken lightly. Appreciate this right by being as prepared and informed as you can.

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