3 Considerations for an EDC Knife

A  knife is one of the most important tools that you should always keep with you.  It is also a tool with no shortage of variations available on the market.  So, what should you look for in an EDC (every day carry) knife?  Here are 3 important factors to consider before making your investment.



It might sound silly at first when you are thinking about survival tools, but when you are looking to carry a knife with you every day you want one that is going to be comfortable for you to carry.  If you overlook this, then sooner or later you are going to start leaving it at home because of the inconvenience of having it on you.  Pay attention to the weight and dimensions of the knife, as well as it’s clip feature if it has one.  Make sure it’s something that you will feel comfortable having on you all the time so you aren’t tempted to go without it.


Carrying a knife alone won’t help you if you need it to defend yourself, you will have to be able to quickly get it into the fight.  If you are considering a fixed blade knife, look for one with a sheath that will allow you draw the knife without getting hung up.  If you are considering a folding knife for pocket carry, think about looking for one with a clip and a blade open assist feature so that you can quickly get the knife out, with the blade out, with one hand.


You could spend all your time reading review after review of each knife or researching steel types, but your best bet to get a quality knife is to start with a quality manufacturer.  Then, look for the knives that fit your needs and your budget.


You would be hard-pressed to find a more essential tool for survival in any scenario, so don’t rush your decision when you are looking for your EDC knife.  Make sure you get the right knife for you, and then make sure you actually carry it.


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