Double Duty Bug Out Gear

When building your Bug Out Bag, one of the biggest concerns is weight. In addition to reducing weight by removing items or choosing lighter versions of items, one of the best things that you can possibly do for your survival is to choose bug out gear that performs two, three, or more duties. Any time you can choose a tool with multiple uses, over a variety of tools that each perform only one duty, you are saving yourself space, weight, and probably money.bugoutDBL

Small personal tools are often the best place to start looking for double-duty replacements. Get rid of your spoon and fork, and go with a spork instead. Find a good P-38 can opener, which works as a can opener, a pry tool, and a screwdriver. A small handheld mirror is good for getting a fire started, signaling for help or communicating, and for maintaining good personal hygiene to stay healthy. And of course, your pocket knife can always double as an extra tool when you choose a multi-tool version.

Larger gear can be replaced with double-duty substitutes as well. Your emergency blanket can be replaced with a high-visibility blanket that makes it easy to be seen by help; it could also be made of waterproof material so that it can double as an emergency shelter or gear cover. Paracord is one material that every Bug Out Bag should have. This rope can be used for just about anything – secure your gear, lift heavy objects, use it as fishing line, pull it apart and use the stands to mend clothing, or even use it to rappel and climb.

Here is a good video on items that can easily be found at walmart. Make a list of items you are missing or use the amazon portal link below the video to make a wish list or start slowly getting the items you need to complete your bag. It might highlight more items than you need (don’t hesitate to skip through it using your arrow buttons or mouse), but it is important to find & consider items you might not have thought of.

Take a close look at your bug out gear and see if you can identify a few items that can be replaced with double-duty versions. With these changes, you’ll find that your chances of survival are far better than before.

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Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you start throwing away your heavy gear. Just make sure the bag you intend to use isn’t too heavy or cumbersome to be useful in a stressful situation. I suggest making a light day-pack bug-out-bag and another bag to store the heavier and/or excessive gear. If you have any bug-out-bag weight saving tips, please tell us in the comments…

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