Epic Urban Survival Fire Hack (Video)

When we think of urban survival, we mostly just think about blending in, personal safety, transportation, or places to sleep.

Popular survival YouTuber Survival Russia shares a very valuable urban survival hack: how to start a fire. I think urban-dwellers are so used to living inside that we forget when you’re out in the streets in an urban environment, staying warm and being able to cook food will be a number one priority. This is why you often see the homeless starting fires in metal trash cans, after all.

As discussed in the last video we shared on urban survival, even if you don’t plan on bugging out in a city, you still might find yourself in one, or needing to visit one, so it’s always important to prepare for urban survival.

In this video, he shares a very nice little hack for a simple fire that could come in very handy in any number of survival situations. Enjoy!

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