Fast Action Control Techniques   

When there is any other option, it’s always advisable to stay out of a conflict and to avoid a deadly encounter.  If we see a situation that might escalate we should call law enforcement.

But is situations after a disaster or in any “grid down” scenario, law enforcement might be overwhelmed or otherwise unable to respond.  So what would you do in a situation like that?  You don’t want to have your only two options be doing nothing at all, or deadly force.

In this video, which is mainly geared toward law enforcement, we see demonstrations of what the instructor calls Fast Action Control Techniques which can be used to control and subdue a violent aggressor.  After all, if you pull a gun on someone and they put their hands in the air, what are you going to do?  Let them go, or shoot them?  You need a third option, and the techniques in the video give you just that.  Zip ties can be substituted for handcuffs.



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