Fish Snare

Fishing is a great way to get meat in a survival scenario.  But it can be difficult to do if you need to spend your time tending to your other needs like gathering wood, building shelter, or hauling water.  You could always just tie a line to a stick and leave it with bait in the water.  It’s likely that if there are fish in the water that you will get a bite, unfortunately, it’s also likely that before you come back to check on the line that the fish has gotten itself free and stolen your bait.  To prevent that, you can modify a snare trap for fishing.


  1. First, find a sturdy but bendable tree branch near the water’s edge. It needs to bend under tension, and snap back when tension is removed.
  2. Next, carve a stick to use as a stake that holds the trigger in place. This stick will need to be about 18 inches long.  The bottom will need to be angled so that it can be driven into the ground.  There will need to be a notch a few inches from the top where the trigger will grasp.
  3. Drive the stake into the ground near the water’s edge.
  4. Next, make a trigger from stick about 6 inches in length. The trigger will need to have a notch at the bottom that fits snuggly into the stake, and a notch at the top that will keep cordage from slipping.
  5. Tie the trigger to the branch.
  6. Bend the branch down and fit the trigger into the stake.
  7. Tie your baited fishing line to the trigger.

When the fish tries to swim away with the bait or struggles to get off the hook it will dislodge the trigger from the stake which will result in the branch snapping back, with the branch being attached to the fishing line via the trigger, this will yank the fish out of the water.

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