Fishing for Birds

If you are surviving in the wilderness, especially in the forest, you are likely to have greater access to plant based food than meat.  But meat is going to be crucial to provide you with protein, fat, and the energy you need to perform exhausting tasks like covering miles of rough terrain, gathering wood, and building shelter.  But it is possible to use some of the available vegetation to acquire meat.  Here is one possible method to catch birds with berries or nuts, and a little paracord.


  1. The first and most important step is observing birds in the area that are feeding off available material like tree nuts or berries. Even if you have some trail mix on you, you aren’t as likely to have success using it as bait since the birds in the area aren’t used to it as a food source.
  2. Next, collect some of the bird’s food.
  3. Strip the outer layer off of some paracord. Then separate the smaller inner cords.  Cut one inner cord to a length of about 6 feet.
  4. Drive a stake into the ground near where you have seen the birds feeding. If you can’t manufacture a stake you can use a rock or a log.
  5. Tie the inner cord to the stake, or substitute, to anchor the cord.
  6. Thread some of the bird’s food that you earlier collected onto the line. Allow about 3 to 6 inches of space between pieces of food.
  7. You want to leave the area so that the birds will feel comfortable enough to feed, but you want to check the trap regularly enough that other predators don’t beat you do it.

Basically, the bird will eat one piece of food at a time, this will leave the bird with several feet of cord in its stomach before it senses a threat.  At this point it will be too late for it, it will not be able to fly away.  Making use food available in the area will both increase your trap’s effectiveness and will not require you to sacrifice any food you have on you.

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