How to Make a Candle From Crisco

Crisco is not only a great, non-perishable, and cheap cooking fat that you can find at virtually any supermarket, you can also use it to make a ridiculously easy survival candle that will burn for hours and takes literally seconds to make.

What Crisco is is vegetable shortening, which is basically a processed, vegetable-oil based lard. It’s not too healthy to use in your everyday cooking, butter, lard, or tallow are much healthier and less fattening. Lard and tallow will last for at least a year when stored in a cool, dark, place, and you can render your own using animal fat from the butcher, which you can probably get for free if you ask. For food, definitely consider these alternatives for your prep stash over Crisco.

But of course, if you want to stock up on fat to cook with for survival reasons, there might be a point where you don’t care as much about nutrition and only care about calories, so between that, and the fact that you can make a great little emergency candle with it, it’s definitely worth the  money to stock up on at least a few cans to have in your stash.

So, here’s how you make it. To start, you will need:

  • A jar of Crisco
  • A wick
  • A long stick, or something else to push the wick into the Crisco
  1. Take your wick, which can be either a pre-made candle wick (which are great to keep on hand for emergencies) or some kind of thick twine rubbed with a bit of the Crisco so it will burn slowly.
  2. Open the jar of Crisco, and stick the wick in the middle.
  3. Take your long stick, which can be a long match, even an uncooked spaghetti noodle, and push the wick down to the bottom of the jar. You want to make sure to push it down to the bottom so it will burn the whole way down.
  4. Trim the wick if needed
  5. Tap the jar on a flat surface so the Crisco will reform around the wick; there might be a bit of a hole from where you pushed it down.

Now you’ve got your Crisco candle! Go ahead and store like this or use as a candle.

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