How to Make a Fish Trap (Video)

When you are hunting and foraging for your food, it’s important to try to use more than one method for acquiring sustenance. Last week we talked about setting snares for small game, which is a great way to supplement what you can get hunting or fishing.

A fish trap, like a snare, is a great way to passively catch food while you are trying other methods. They have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries to lure unsuspecting fish to their (delicious) doom.

In this video, skilled survivalist and YouTuber Survival Lilly weaves her own fish trap out of bamboo and willow branch. This is a very good video to watch to get an idea for how fish traps can work and how you might make one yourself should you ever need to. There are different methods of weaving fish traps, of course, so if your interest is piqued, you could check out the traditional fish trap designs from native cultures around the world.


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