How to Stay Under the Radar in an Urban Environment

Survival in an urban environment is completely different than a small town or rural setting. Your carefully acquired survival skills and supplies might not be of the most use if you’re trapped in a chaotic urban jungle during a disaster. In this case, it might not be hunting or shooting that saves your live, but blending in unnoticed.

Here are a few crucial tips for staying under the radar for survival in an urban environment:

1. Knowledge of Environment

If you anticipate being in an urban environment during any kind of disaster or sudden institution of martial law, learn your surroundings now. If it’s somewhere you live, work, or for whatever reason find yourself occupying regularly, take some time to memorize the actual topography of the environment. You can learn a lot more about a city on foot than driving, so maybe take some regular walks or runs to get a feel for places you might be able to pass through unnoticed or stay hidden in the shadows

2. Clothing

Blending in in a city when things are peaceful and orderly is an art; even more so during disaster. Typically for cities, black, gray, and other neutral, muted tones are best. Tourists usually stick out like sore thumbs, die-hard survivalists will too. Wear comfortable, durable shoes like sneakers or non-tactical boots. Notice the typical manner of dress of city dwellers and try to imitate it, in the least conspicuous way possible.

3. Body Language and Mannerisms

If you ever see hoards of urbanites going about their daily business in a crowd, they are typically stone-faced and withdrawn, they move quickly, confidently and smoothly through their natural urban habitat, and they appear hardened and aloof. In a disaster, this would most likely change, but it is still an essential attitude to blending in. Practice this attitude if you’re not a seasoned urbanite so you can try to blend in in the future if need be.

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