The Ultimate Hurricane Supply Kit (Infographic)

Residents of Florida are used to hurricanes, but it’s always big news when a major one is headed towards any part of the US. And for good reason, one advantage hurricanes have over other natural disasters is that there’s plenty of time to prepare. This doesn’t make them any less dangerous, of course, but the right preparedness can save your life.

As we can see happening in the Caribbean currently, Hurricanes are definitely no joke. If you live somewhere prone to hurricanes, you want to be prepared at all times not just to weather the storm, but to be prepared for the ugly aftermath.

We all saw in Katrina the devastating effects of a populace and government who were ill-prepared and cut off from supplies and equipment. While the hurricane itself didn’t cause too much damage, it was in the days that followed that people died in droves, mostly stricken with diseases from the contaminated floodwater.

This incredibly detailed infographic from SurvivalLife comes from a great article complete with videos that shows everything you need to know, have, and do before, during and after a big storm. Big storms like hurricanes are the survivalists time to shine, so if you are in the habit of prepping already, this should be stuff that you already have. But supplies aren’t everything! We’ll post more soon on what to do during a hurricane to survive.

Until then, enjoy this detailed and informative infographic!


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