Is Martial Law Really Right Around the Corner? 

In the alternative media and among many internet circles, the subject of martial law has been a hot topic for the last few years. And with an upcoming election and the culture wars more heated than ever, it’s important not to get jaded.

Remember the boy who cried wolf? No one believed him when the wolf came around, and when it comes to issues as big as martial law and the likelihood of the government enacting it, it might actually be prudent to keep listening to the boy crying it. It doesn’t matter when the wolf will come-it could happen at any time.

Despite the fact that many warnings that “martial law is right around the corner” have not yet come to fruition, it is crucial not to lose sight of the fact that it doesn’t become any less likely.

Right now, more than ever, there is a political and cultural storm brewing that might give the powers that be just the excuse they need to enact martial law. Think about it: we have two people running for office who are loathed, or at least half-heartedly supported, by their parties, and absolutely passionately hated by their opposing parties.

Each side of the political spectrum and everywhere in between, Americans are angry, and violently angry. A huge majority of the left supports a movement that has spurred numerous incidents of violence against police officers, and there have been violent, angry protests outside many Republican rallies over the last several months. On the right, faced with the potential of an ardently anti-Second Amendment president, conservatives are taking up arms in record numbers, openly and vocally prepared to stand their ground should it come to the point of a massive weapons ban.

This means that Americans of every persuasion are consciously thinking about inciting violence against the government. Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, if you are thinking about survival, this is a storm brewing on the horizon. It may come to nothing like we’ve seen in the past with the Ebola scare or the Occupy movements, which of course would be great. But don’t ever stop being vigilant. You never know when the wolf will be real.

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