Is Prepping for Survival Worth Your Time?

If you are preparing for survival, you’ve probably asked the question of whether it is all worth it or not. Maybe you have some friends who think you are crazy for buying all the beans and rice you have in your basement or that can’t understand why you have firearms and go hunting. Maybe you’ve been asked whether prepping is worth the time and money that you’ve put into it. It’s a legitimate question.

The problem is that many people see the world as always being there to provide for them. They believe that if there is a disaster or if there is an attack on American soil, the government will simply step in and provide for them. There is no guarantee that will happen though. There is a good chance that people will be left on their own for quite some time. Maybe the government won’t come back at all.

This might sound like gloom and doom, and maybe that’s okay. The US relations with the rest of the world are not as good as we would hope. The nation’s grid is not safe from solar storms and the web isn’t safe from hackers. It’s not a question of if a disaster will occur. It’s a matter of when and which one will hit first. It is always better to be well-prepared for anything that could happen.

In short, this means that yes, all the prepping and survival training that you have been doing is worth it for you and for your family. You don’t want to be one of the people who wished they had listened to the signs and made changes. The more you train and prepare today, the easier all your tomorrows will be.

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