Less Popular Survival Scavenge Sites

If you are in an area that has been hit by any sort of disaster that cut off the resupply or resources then it won’t be long before scavenging takes place, or even looting.  People who are ill prepared will be frantic to acquire the resources that they should have been storing and didn’t like bottled water, non-perishable food, camping gear, ammo, and medicine.  Locations like Wal-Marts and sporting goods stores or gun shops will be hit first, they will be completely cleaned out of anything worth taking in a few days, and during that time they will dangerous locations.  If people are willing to fight over a superfluous items on black-Friday, think what they will do for necessities when law and order have been disrupted.  But, if your supplies are running low and things haven’t returned to normal, there may still be locations that you can get what you need that most people wouldn’t think of.



A vet’s office will have medicine, bandages, and other medical supplies that will become increasingly valuable the longer supplies are cut off from an area hit by disaster.

Farm Stores

Stores like Dell’s or Tractor Supply Company often carry items like boots, work clothes, and gloves, all of which will help you move safely through an area scattered with debris after a disaster.  While it might not sound appetizing now, canned dog food will sound a lot better if you haven’t had anything to eat for a week.  There will also be bags of grains like split corn which will be more palatable.  They also commonly stock pellet guns, which along with a bag of wild bird seed could give you a continual supply of fresh meat.


Schools have cafeterias that, when stocked, will have food enough to feed hundreds.  The nurse’s office is likely to have basic first-aid supplies.


I’m not advocating looting, but if you are without basic necessities for life, you would be justified in scavenging what you needed.  These are some locations that are more likely to still have the items you need in them, and less likely to put you in contact with potentially dangerous looters.


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