Makeshift Weapons That Are Allowed (Almost) Anywhere

Most violent attacks do not occur at the pistol range or NRA meetings.  Whether it be muggers, jihadists, or simply crazy people, most attackers chose “soft targets”, or people when they are most vulnerable.  But even in this age of “gun free zones” there are ways to protect yourself that have not been legally limited (yet).


Acetone, such as nail polish remover is a corrosive solvent that will do damage to your eyes.  So you should do what you can to avoid getting in your eyes.  That being said, filling an empty Visine eye drop bottle with acetone could be a good idea. This gives you the ability to conceal it easily, even in your change pocket on most jeans for easy access, and it can spray a jet of acetone when squeezed that you can aim at your attacker’s eyes even across the room.


Belts can provide a nice weapon that will give you a distance advantage that could be a life saver against a knife attack.  Not all belts would make an effective weapon.  Look for a belt that is made from a soft material like cotton and not leather so that the belt is easily pliable and can be swung at any angel.   The buckle is going to be the business end of the weapon so look for a belt that has a heavy buckle, so that when swung, it will have sufficient momentum to cause pain and damage.


It’s not uncommon to see people carrying water bottles in public, but most wouldn’t think about using them as a weapon, or about what type to be carrying in the event they might need to.  There are three options, plastic, glass, and stainless steel.  Plastic is light weight but might break if you hit someone with it, and it probably wouldn’t do much damage.  Glass is heavy, and it might break if you hit someone with it, which might be good as long as you are not holding on to it at the time.  Stainless steel is light weight and will survive being used to bludgeon several people with.  It will always be more effective if it is at least partially full, so fill it up when you get a chance.  A quart bottle will weigh more than 2lbs when full.  Also consider getting a shoulder strap sling for your bottle.  With a 2lbs weight at the end of a strap swinging full force, damage will be done to whoever is on the receiving end.

All of these items are allowed almost anywhere that limits your ability to carry weapons of intent.  Meaning that there is no reason to every be without a means to defend yourself and your loved ones no matter where you are.

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