Making a Flip-Flop Winch (Video)


I have written several articles lately about recent survival stories of everyday people.  Most of these stories share one commonality, they began with a vehicle getting stuck.  Of course, it’s a good idea to drive with caution, and keep some basic supplies in your vehicle at all times in case you do find yourself stuck, but you should also be prepared to free your vehicle if it does get stuck so that you can drive to safety and avoid a potentially life-threatening situation all together.  Here is an article with some tips on how to get your vehicle unstuck, but these methods won’t always be enough, and when they aren’t using a winch to get your vehicle free is going to be your only option short of a tow truck.

I highly recommend keeping a come-along-winch in your vehicle for this purpose.  But even if you do carry a winch in your vehicle, there are always equipment failures, or you could be in a friend’s vehicle when you get stuck, etc.  For those times, it is good to know how to improvise a winch.  This video demonstrates how to make a flip-flop winch using a strong piece of rope and two logs.  In this video the man demonstrating also has stakes in the ground to help keep his logs from moving, if you have another person to help you this won’t be necessary, if not, use caution because as you continue to tighten the winch those logs will be under increasing tension and they could move with real force and cause serious injury if you are not careful.


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