Mojave Scissor Trap (Video)   


The Mojave scissor trap is a highly effective small game trap that is known to us because of the natives of the American South West.  One great thing about the Mojave scissor trap is that it is possible to build using only material that can be gathered from the wild unlike snare traps that require wire.  The Mojave scissor trap can be placed on a trail that has been channelized and left without bait, or, if bait is available the trap can be used more effectively with bait.  This video not only demonstrates how to construct the trap, but also shows an actual demonstration that shows the effectiveness of this trap in real life.  The Mojave scissor trap is more advanced than traps like the squirrel pole or dead falls, but it has definite benefits that cannot be matched by simpler traps.  This is a great trap for anyone that has advanced beyond more elementary traps.


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