Natural Materials You Can Cook In

If you are stranded in the wilderness and manage to acquire some food and start a fire, you’ll need something to cook in. Here is a list of several materials you should look for that you can cook food in.


Bamboo is a wonderful all-purpose survival plant, and one of it’s many uses is that you can cook in it. You can do this by cutting off one enclosed segment of bamboo, big enough to fit your food or water in. Place this container near the fire but not actually on it, and let it heat up until it is blackened and hard. This is a sort of curing process that makes it strong enough to place directly on the fire at this point, but keep an eye on it. You can reuse this “pot” several times over, if you make it right.


If you have the right resources and time, it is possible to carve yourself out a pot or bowl to cook in out of wood. Make sure you’ve got a piece of good hard wood that is big enough to carve a cooking vessel out of. Then, between burning and carving, try to burn out and smooth out a hole in the middle. It might take several attempts between burning and carving (like I said, this takes time).


Coconuts are an excellent natural material for cooking, and, when cut in half, the shell is already shaped like a bowl. Once you’ve cut open a coconut, simply rip away the husk and carve out the meat (this will be plenty of food already if it’s got a nice ripe husk), and place next to a hot fire for a very nice cooking pot.

Conch shells

You can also use a conch shell to cook in if you happen to be near an ocean. They don’t have a huge capacity, but if you have nothing else to use, they’ll do the trick. You might need to use several to boil enough drinking water, for example.

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