Pocket Survival Tin

Survival gear is only helpful if you have it when you need it.  Selecting gear that is easy to carry will increase the likelihood that you will be willing to keep it with you more often.  Building a survival tin will make it possible to carry essential items with you at all times.  It can be carried in your pocket, purse, or backpack.  The idea is not to have everything you would ever need, but to have items that would always be beneficial and that you would also be able to carry.  Here a few tips on building your own survival tin.


  1. Select a tin that is right for you. If you are looking for a kit that will fit in your pocket comfortably then an Altoids tin is probably what you need.  If you are planning on keeping it in your purse or your backpack then you could go a little bigger.
  2. Select items that fit your surroundings. Iodine tablets would not be much use if you live in the southwest, but you might want to think about them if you live in the southeast.
  3. Think about space saving versions of normal gear. For instance, a trash bag can substitute for a tarp, and razor blades can substitute a knife.  They might not be ideal, but you certainly wouldn’t pass up a trash bag to supplement your debris shelter with on a rainy night, or a razor blade when you are trying to cut that trash bag.
  4. Even though matches take up less space, if you live in a wet area you might still want to opt for a lighter, and even a foot of hemp line covered in bee’s wax to help get a fire going.


Remember that survival gear is not magical, it will not ward off danger, it will only help protect you if you have it with you when you need it and if you know how to use it.


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