Preparing for Nuclear War

For those that don’t watch the news much, there has been an increase in the frequency and tone of talks regarding nuclear war from highly powerful people.  Now, there’s no reason to freak out, but it is very important to be aware, and be prepared. Whether or not we end up in a nuclear conflict with Russia by year’s end, with the amount of nuclear weapons all over the world mean that it is simply prudent to be realistic and think about how to best survive were nuclear war to break out. Nuclear war is the worst case scenario for every living thing.  Survival for those that are close to ground zero of a blast, even 20 miles out, is unlikely.  For those further way, their chances will depend on factors such as the direction of the prevailing wind, secondary conventional attacks, and their advanced preparedness.  As difficult as post-nuclear survival would be, there still are steps that can be taken now to increase your chances of survival.


Potassium Iodine

Deadly threats such as wind-borne radioactive Iodine can spread for tens of miles or more.  Radioactive Iodine will be absorbed into your thyroid, causing thyroid cancer.  One way to protect yourself and your family against this threat is to get a supply of Potassium Iodine or Potassium Iodate now.  It works by filling your thyroid with a non-radioactive Iodine, so that the concentration in your thyroid will be too high to absorb any that could be radioactive.  Like a wet sponge not being able to absorb more liquid.

Protected Food and Water

Everyone should have food and water storage on hand in case of any emergency, but further steps should be taken to protect your supply from radiation contamination.  Storing food and water in crawl spaces and cellars will provide a natural barrier, and metal containers can be purchased that will help shield your supplies.  Eating and drinking contaminated supplies is worse than not eating or drinking.


How will you know if your supplies or your area are contaminated?  A variety of detection devices are available online, they come in a wide range of price and quality.  Get what your budget allows for, but do your research first, many products have highly inflated prices.

Arm Yourself

In many cases, the nuclear attack would only be the beginning.  If an attack has happened, you should expect that you are likely to come into contact with enemy combatants.  Getting a semiautomatic rifle and ammo, and training with it should be part of your nuclear war survival plan.


Getting supplies ready in advance is only a first step.  You have to have a plan on how you are going to properly use them to increase your chances of survival.  This will greatly differ from person to person and place to place.  In most cases getting out of a heavily populated area would be in your advantage, but do your research beforehand so that you do not head in the direction of prevailing winds, or towards another area that would be a likely target.


We live in a crazy time, when a hand full of people have the power to plunge us all into apocalyptic chaos with the push of a button.  But we still have the chance now to take precautions that might make the difference between life and death.

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