Prepping for a Gun Ban?

One of the very first questions in last week’s monumental presidential debate was in regards to future supreme court nominees and what that would mean for decisions regarding the Second Amendment. Regardless of what your views on gun control might be, it is a realistic concern that our rights might be so far restricted that certain guns, if not guns all together, might be banned sometime in the next few decades, if current trends continue.

Here are some weapons you might want to consider familiarizing yourself and possibly purchasing before they are banned.


First on the list of banned weapons will be semiautomatic rifles (which gun control advocates refuse to educate themselves enough about to know that they are not assault rifles, assault rifle refers to fully automatic military weapons) like the AR-15.  You could get another platform, but the AR-15 is a popular rifle (and for good reason), meaning that parts and ammo will be easier to get, and a gun without ammo or working parts isn’t worth much.

High Capacity Magazines

Next on the list will be high capacity magazines (referred to as “clips” by people who want to ban them because they know so much about guns).  Even now the price of a 30 round Magpul magazine is pretty high.  You are going to want at least 6 of them to engage an active shooter, let alone multiple targets.  Getting extra will give you something to barter with later or replace the ones with worn springs.


It’s hard to say whether you should get a slimline subcompact for concealment or double stack that can carry 17+1, the gun grabbers have attacked both.  There are benefits to having either of them, one is more concealable, but the other holds nearly 3 times the ammo.  Get a 9mm, again, parts and ammo will be more available in 9mm than any other caliber.

Pump Shotguns

Even pump-action shotguns have been under attack.  While all pump-actions could be banned, tactical shotguns with a higher capacity will be more sought after, better for bartering, and more effective for defense.


Your gun won’t be worth much if you don’t have ammo for it.  1,000 rounds for a rifle and 250 for a handgun is a good place to start.  As I said before, get common caliber guns, and common caliber ammo, you can trade it easier and it is cheaper than odd ammo.  Rounds to buy include .223 and .556 for AR’s, 00 buck shot for shotguns, and 9mm hollow points for handguns (places like San Francisco have already banned hollow points because they say hollow points are more dangerous, not based on evidence of course).


If you don’t own guns and don’t keep up with the issues surrounding them, then advocating for preparations for a ban might sound paranoid.  Luckily we live in the age of information (and sometimes disinformation unfortunately), and I encourage everyone to do the research for themselves, which means actually reading leaked emails and listening to leaked audio recordings, not listening to biased media outlets commentary of them.  Don’t put your rights and your life in the hands of someone you can’t trust, protect yourself and those you love.


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