Protecting Yourself During Civil Unrest

As recent events have taught anyone paying attention, natural disasters are not the only thing one needs to prepare for when considering survival.  If you are living in an urban area you could easily find yourself in a riot and complete lawlessness.  This could leave you without power and water in your home, and in danger if you chose to leave your home for basic supplies for everyday life (not to mention, even if you make to Walgreen’s, it might be on fire already).

So as always one should have a supply of canned foods or freeze dried foods, water storage and a filter, and in cold areas one should have the gear necessary to at least survive without power and heat while indoors.  And you should be ready to defend yourself and what you need to stay alive.


Especially in the case of riots and mob violence this is going to mean a firearm.  For home defense in such events as mass civil unrest, one needs to consider such things as capacity, rate of fire, and stopping power.  To get the most well rounded firearm for all of these factors, and others, a semi-automatic rifle (called an assault rifle by the media) would be the best call.

Today most people in America can purchase an AR-15 online and have it sent to a Federally licensed firearms dealer in their area to pick it up upon verification of their identity and legal ability to obtain firearms.  An AR-15 on the cheaper end of the spectrum and 1,000 rounds quality ammunition can be obtained for less than $1,000.  An AR-15 is a great buy for someone that is just getting into firearms and self-defense because as one progresses, or as you have more money available in your budget, you can easily upgrade your AR step by step.  Virtually all components for an AR-15 can be purchased separately and few of them require training or specialized tools to install.

Getting to Safety

One should also be prepared for the fact that you might not be home with your food store and AR-15 when riots start in your area.  You might be on your way to or from work.  Fortunately, in the age of information, it is most likely possible to simply use your smart phone to determine a safe alternate route home by checking the news to see where riots are and then using any of the digital maps available online to find a way around the violence.

Using Your Vehicle as a Weapon

If possible, you should always stay with your vehicle until you are home.  The vehicle itself will provide you with a means to escape and a potential weapon.  Never let rioters stop your vehicle, if you need to do so to defend your life, hit them with the vehicle.  If there are obstructions in the road do not get out to move them, drive around them or even through them if possible, using the rear of the car if you can, since you will be less likely to damage drive components of your car.  And always consider the option of not going home if you don’t need to.  Use your vehicle to get out of the area and wait for the riot to be stopped before returning.

If you are unarmed, without a vehicle, and away from your home when a riot starts you are obviously at a disadvantage and in great danger.  Quickly determine the closest place of safety and make your way there as quickly as you can even if it is only a place to hide and wait.

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