Random Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know

I often come across great little survival hacks online that don’t really seem complex enough to call for a whole article, so I’ve been saving them up for an epic list of survival hacks.

I’m a big fan of life hacks in general, meaning, cool little tricks you can use to make life easier. So of course, survival hacks or even better, because they’re tips and tricks that can save your life.

Here are a list of some really brilliant survival hacks:

Crayons as Candles

You can use a regular old crayon as a candle. Simply light it and let it burn; it will go for quite awhile.

Pantyhose Survival Hacks

No one really seems to wear pantyhose anymore, but they’re actually great for survival. Use them to filter particles out of water, keep a bandage in place, use as a tourniquet, or give yourself an extra layer of warmth under your clothing.

Steel Wool Fire Starter

You have probably seen this online, but you can use steel wool and a battery to start a fire. Simply use a thin strand of the steel wool to connect the positive and negative ends of the battery and it will spark.

Wrist Watch as a Compass

If you lay your wrist watch flat and line the hour hand up with the sun, the point between the 12 and the hour hand will be North. Or, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, line up the 12 with the sun. Cool, huh?

Flashlight Storage

You know those plastic flashlights that unscrew to replace the battery? Well, you can actually keep things inside the space in that compartment, like cash, matches, or medicine, to keep them dry or hidden.

Starting a Fire With Ice

If you have enough ice to chip away and smooth out a sphere with ice, you can use the reflection of the sun to start a fire.


If you have more survival hacks, let me know!

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