How to Get Started With Reloading Ammo

One of the biggest considerations when adding firearms and ammo to your survival stash is whether or not you can sustain your ability to rely on firearms.

Reloading ammo is popular among many gun enthusiasts, not just preppers, because it can save you a whole lot of money, and of course, it makes you far more self-reliant and independent from gun manufacturers.

What reloading is is refilling discarded bullet casings with gun powder so they can be used again. This is great for someone who shoots at a range frequently and can collect used casings. And again, it would be insanely valuable to have a set up for reloading after a huge disaster, as bullet manufacturers might no longer exist and bullets could be worth exponentially more than they are now.

Set up

It does require a bit of an investment to get started, but if you’re looking to put some cash into something that will give you a lot of leverage after SHTF, this is a good investment to consider.

The biggest tool you will need is a reloading press. There are different kinds

Single-stage reloading press

of presses on the market, but a single-stage press is best for beginners. You’ll want to shop around for the best press for you; take into account price, customer reviews, and warranty. While of course a warranty might not help you much after SHTF, a very long or lifetime warranty ensures that the company is confident enough in their product they’re willing to replace it for free if something happens to it.

Next, you will also need reloading dies, which need to be specific to the caliber you are reloading. They are not interchangeable. You will also need to purchase primer, gunpowder, bullets, and casings. You can, of course reuse casings, until they become cracked. These items as well as the dies are what you will need to purchase regularly, so if you’re trying to get set-up for survival, this is what you will need to stockpile.

These are the basics of getting started reloading. We’ll cover doing the actual reloading on a post coming up, so check to stay tuned.

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