Rockerfeller Dead-Insider Info (Video)

A few weeks ago I shared a video from a YouTube channel I enjoy, called Full Spectrum Survival that shares survivalism, homesteading, and alternative news videos for the survival-minded prepper.

I had heard the news that billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller passed away on Monday, and the man who runs Full Spectrum Survival has some interesting thoughts regarding what his death might mean for the global economy and beyond.

David Rockefeller was not just a wealthy philanthropist, he was also very deeply involved with UN initiatives that could have a potentially massive effect on the way wealth, resources, and population is distributed across the globe. Not to mention, his wealth was quite vast, and he was very involved with trade organizations between large, multinational banks and corporations whose success and failures have quite a big impact on the global economy.

It could all be tin-foil-hat conspiracies, as lore surrounding the Rockefellers can often be, but you never know. There’s never been a better time to keep watch on the news. Check out FSS’s thoughts on Rockefeller’s death:

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