Seven Essential Camp Knots (Video)

Learning how to tie knots is crucial, and back in the day, many little boys would learn their share of scout knots that would be useful throughout life. These days, knot tying isn’t really taught anymore, but for survival, it can be a really great skill to have. There are a ton of suggestions for the most important survival skills to learn, but Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft and Survival on YouTube really knows his stuff.

He shares his seven favorite camp knots, and they’re knots he actually uses. They’re really great to know for use in camping, fishing, hunting, ranching, and of course, for many survival applications such as building a shelter, lifting heavy loads, securing your pack, repairing equipment, etc. There’s a ton of survival knot videos and infographics out there, but this might be the only one you’ll need. Check it out:

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