Stimulants for Survival


Generally speaking, it’s sound advice for survival to stay healthy, avoiding drinking, smoking, and drugs.  But, there are times that you might want to get “high” to increase your survivability.  Survival situations can call for more than you have to give, more energy, more stamina, and more concentration.  Hitler’s forces were able to blitzkrieg across Europe because they had amphetamines, even modern fighter pilots receive amphetamines to take during combat.  But before you end up in jail for possession of a controlled substance, consider these over the counter medicines that have powerful stimulants in them instead.


Diet Pills

Diet pills work two ways, they increase the rate of resting metabolic rate which pretty much means they increase the available energy, and they suppress appetite.  Both of these are done with stimulants.  Diet pills like Hell Fire EPH 150 contain ephedra.  Ephedra is a powerful stimulant.  Check reviews prior to purchasing diet pills, you want something that provides you with as much energy as possible while giving you the jitters as little as possible.

Sinus Medicine

There are two main over the counter sinus medicine categories, antihistamines, and decongestants.  Antihistamines cause drowsiness and should therefore be avoided for these purposes.  Focus your attention on medicines that are meant to be decongestants.  Look for pseudoephedrine as an active ingredient.

OTC Asthma Inhalers

Over the counter asthma inhalers almost always contain ephedrine.  Similar to the active ingredient in most decongestants, but in an inhaler the effects can be felt almost instantly.


I am not a doctor, and I am certainly not advocating abusing OTC medications for recreational reasons.  These drugs have side effects, and for some, especially those with heart issues, those side effects can be serious, even deadly.  I am only proposing that in some cases, when your life is already in jeopardy, taking stimulants can offer great benefits.  But be careful.

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