Survival News: Hundreds of Migrants Storm Spanish Border Fence

In Ceuta, Spain today, hundreds of African migrants stormed Spanish border barricades in a successful attempt to cross illegally into Spanish territory. Ceuta is an autonomous Spanish city that is on the Northern Coast of Africa, and shares a border with Morocco.

The migrants appeared to be of Saharan origin, and shouted and celebrated after they breached the barricade, injuring several Spanish police officers in the process.

The Sahara region of Africa is notoriously war-torn and has many massive refugee encampments filled with people who have been displaced from their homes at the hands of militant Muslim tribes. The migrants appeared to be happy to be in Spain and were reported to be crying out “Freedom!” “Victory!” and “Viva Espana!”

As Europe navigates a crippling migrant and refugee crisis, over the pond, Americans are in the throes of a heated debate over immigration, border security, and whether or not to accept refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East and North Africa. President Trump’s recent executive order that added an additional 90-day vetting period to 7 Middle Eastern and North African countries has been highly controversial and criticized.

At the end of the day, whether or not these young migrants, mostly male, were in genuine need or are covert operatives of a sinister agenda does not change the fact that they stormed a barricade that established a legal border between two countries.

As many global citizens seem to regard borders as less significant, whether or not you are in favor of open borders or not, it is definitely marking a huge shift in the way countries establish their sovereignty. Disputes over borders or re-establishment of new ones has been both the cause and outcome of many wars throughout history, so from a prepper perspective, a global redefinition of borders is definitely something to keep an eye on.

The UN’s Agenda 21 plan for global government and population redistribution is often credited with being the codename for a full-blown New World Order-type global government, and would dissolve many sovereign borders and create wilderness zones and urban encampments. Could the shifting view towards sovereign borders mark the beginning of Agenda 21 being carried out? That remains to be seen.

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