Survival Uses for Zip-Ties

Zip ties are awesome, in so many ways. They can secure so many things very securely, and they’re totally adjustable to whatever you need. Not to mention with one easy tug, they’ll get as tight as you need them to be, and literally cannot be loosened.

So zip ties are an excellent survival item as well, you’ll definitely want to get yourself some for your bug-out bag or bunker.

Here are just a few ways you can use them:


If you find yourself in a situation where you’re trying to create a makeshift tent or shelter, zip ties can be your best friend. You can use them to secure tarps to trees or rope, secure sticks to tarps or to each other, even repair tent holes, and on and on.

First aid

Zip-ties can be used to secure splints to limbs in the case of a break or sprain, as a tourniquet if you need to prevent blood from flowing to a wound or poison from a sake bite from entering the rest of the blood stream, or to secure bandages while applying pressure to a wound for example. In these uses, you’ll want to use something soft between the zip tie and skin, like thick fabric or gauze, otherwise they zip ties could be very uncomfortable and possibly even cut the skin.

Securing and repairing gear

You can use zip ties for all kinds of things when it comes to carrying your gear. They can be used to repair holes in your backpack or to hitch two bags together for easy carrying. You can hang things from your backpack with them, or organize items within your bag.

When preparing for survival, its awesome to find items that are cheap, light, and have so many great uses. Go grab yourself a pack-you definitely won’t regret it.


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