Tips for Staying Safe While Jogging or Walking Alone

Many people who consider themselves preppers and survivors know what to do in many emergency situations. They know how and when to bug out. They can start a fire, catch a rabbit, and make shelter even in harsh conditions. However, when they are in the comfort of a normal day, they often take their safety for granted, and that can be a huge problem.

Just because you are walking or jogging on a trail that you’ve used a thousand times before doesn’t mean you are safe. People are attacked, and even murdered, on an alarmingly regular basis. Even though it probably won’t happen to you, it is important that you take some steps to be safer while you are out.

You always need to be aware of your surroundings, no matter where you might be. This is very true when you are on trails and paths that do not tend to receive too much foot traffic. Be vigilant and do yourself a favor and keep the headphones off, or at least turn the volume down low enough that you can hear people who might be coming up behind you. If you see someone suspicious, or if you get that eerie feeling like something might be wrong, alter your path and get to a place where there are other people. By remaining alert and being aware of your surroundings, it can convince those who wish to do you harm to find an easier victim.

In addition, taking quality self-defense courses that apply practical responses to real world scenarios is a good idea. If you are fortunate enough to have training facilities for Krav Maga or a similar fighting and defense system, consider taking the course.

Have fun out on the trails, but be alert to the dangers that are out there.

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