Urban Stealth for Survival


A struggle for survival in an urban setting could take place at any time.  Massive grid failure or zombie apocalypse isn’t a requirement.  Look at how many people have been shot in Chicago this year already, or how many people have been victims of mob violence in other cities.  Whether after a disaster or tomorrow on your way home from work, survival in an urban setting requires one to make stealth a high priority.  Here a some tips on how to stay undetected in an urban setting.


Light Discipline

Nothing draws the eye like a light in an otherwise dark area.  If you are trying to go unnoticed be careful about using your phone (even to call 911, you might have to wait a little bit, after all it could take police 10 minutes to show up anyway), getting in your car (the dome light could come on, you might even want to remove the light if you live in a city), and even reflectors on your clothes like your shoes.

Noise Discipline

If danger is heightened after a disaster you don’t want to be shouting to communicate on the streets.  Agree on some basic hand signals before going out.  If things are only as bad as usual you still don’t want to draw attention to yourselves while you are in transitional spaces by getting too loud, this will also decrease your situational awareness by not allowing you to hear potential threats as well.


Don’t stand out.  In an ever day scenario you don’t want to look well off, this might let predators know that you have items they would like to steal.  In a disaster scenario, you don’t want to look overly prepared for the same reasons.


Self-defense skills and a hardy supply of food and gear are great things to have, but it’s better if you never have to use them in the first place.

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