What to Buy Before a Storm

These days severe weather hardly hits without some warning, offering us precious time to prepare and stock up in case the weather is bad enough to leave us cut off without water and power for days.  Depending on where you are, this threat is more common than other places, and the considerations for each place will vary slightly, but here is a list of items that it is always good to stock up on if you are expecting the kind of weather that could leave you without power and water.



By far the most important supply for sheltering in place is always going to be water.  Even if you have no food in your home and are without power you will be able to survive for a month if you have enough water to drink.  And drinking isn’t the only use for water to consider.  You will need to flush toilets, clean yourself, cook, and do the dishes.

Baby Wipes

If you are without a water supply you aren’t going to want to have to choose between washing your body and taking a drink.  If you have a supply of baby wipes on hand you won’t have to make that choice.  They may even be preferable to water if temperatures drop low enough and you need to conserve fuel as well as water, of if you have no method of heating water.

Paper Plates

Having dishes that don’t need to be washed will make your water supply go further.

No Prep Food

Having food that doesn’t require being cooked (that doesn’t mean that it will taste as good, it just means that it isn’t necessary) or require water is the best food to have on hand since it will require the least amount of resources.  Canned chili, bread, granola bars, beef jerky, and fruit that keeps easy are all good options.


Some other items to consider that aren’t so universal are ice to preserve food, and salt to make the ice last longer.  Diapers, because if you have kids in diapers you don’t want to run out when you are trapped inside with no water.  And if you have a propane stove make sure you have a tank on hand.


All of these items are really everyday items that if the weather passes without event can still be used in your daily life, or saved for the preparation for the next storm.

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