Why Fighting Skills are NOT Enough (Graphic Video)   


Self-defense is a factor of survival that everyone needs to think about.  But when some think about self-defense, they think about learning a martial art, or krav maga, or even mixed martial arts.  All of these are a good idea and will add to your ability to survive an attack, but the reality is that this will often not be enough.  All too often your attacker is not going to interested in a fight, but seeking a victim, and they will be armed are willing to inflict serious injury or kill you.  In this short video, you see three attacks, and they are a startling example for many of why knowing how to fight is not enough to protect yourself, you should also be armed, as heavily as possible.

  1. In the first clip, you see a victim that clearly has superior skills to his attacker, but his attacker has a knife and before he can be disarmed he manages to stab his victim over half a dozen times. The victim shows amazing mental and physical fitness, grounding and disarming the attacker, but unfortunate, he ultimately succumbs to his wounds.
  2. The second clip shows a victim that is attacked without any warning from behind, while he is recovering he is attacked even more assailants, and stabbed by one repeatedly. There wasn’t much this victim could have done after the attack started, but just getting a weapon out could have convinced his attackers that it wasn’t worth the risk of further assault.
  3. The third clip, again shows a victim with superior fighting skills that has almost succeeded in arm baring his attacker when his attacker pulls a knife and stabs him repeatedly. In this case pulling out a weapon could have prevented the attack from taking place, since over and over again we see that even armed attackers flee when their victims are also armed.

It’s likely that these victims lost their lives, we should learn from these incidents so that we don’t have to have the same thing happen to us.  Even if we are strong and well skilled in fighting, we should be armed in order to prevent, or defend against an armed attack.


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