World News Update (Video)

We’ve been making more of an effort to share top news stories that are relevant to preppers and show a general trajectory of global events that might lead up to the kind of crisis we advocate everyone should be preparing for.

A really great place to find regular survival-focused news is on YouTuber Full Spectrum Survival’s channel, where he shares daily world news updates “that the aware need to know”. I enjoy his global-minded perspective, and he often picks up important international stories you just won’t hear in the American mainstream media, such as disease outbreaks or warnings from the scientific community about nuclear waste.

We’ve shared some of his regular survival videos as well in the past, he’s really knowledgeable and covers a wide array of topics.

Here is his news update for today, February 24th, and instead of just cherry picking some of his stories to share with you, I thought I’d just share the whole video, since there’s a lot going on in the world! Check it out, and do let us know which of these types of stories you’d most like for us to cover.

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