An Intro to Gunsmithing (Video)

We’ve mentioned a few time on this blog how crucial gunsmithing will be after a disaster hits, especially in the mass breakdown of civilization.

But unlike many other survival skills, it’s not exactly something you can easily learn at home. It takes specialized tools, skills, knowledge, and time.

That being said, it is still an incredibly important skill to learn, if you’ve got the time and resources. Guns are one of the greatest survival tools you can acquire, but if you can’t  maintain or repair them, they might end up being nothing more than a large, blunt object to you.

I have always wanted to learn more about gunsmithing and how to get started, and I really enjoyed this basic intro to the art of gunsmithing. It demystifies it a bit, and also clarifies what is exactly involved in getting started (read: lots of tools). I’ll try to post more videos from time to time on different aspects of gunsmithing, if you’re also interested in getting deeper into the art. Enjoy!

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