Basic Medical Supplies Available at the Dollar Store   


If you have looked online or in stores for a first aid kit of any real worth you have probably noticed the price tag.  Kits of any kind tend to be over priced for the purpose of convenience, but over paying and not getting everything you need isn’t necessary.  If there is a dollar store in your area, and there probably is, then you can get everything you need for a basic first aid kit without over spending.  Here are a few items that you should look for.



General purpose bandages are going to much more useful that self-adhesive band aids or other products that are more specified or designed for convenience and minor injuries.


Gauze is necessary for holding more absorbent bandages in place and keeping wounds clean.  Both bandages and gauze will need to be change regularly so get plenty of these items.

Medical Tape

To go along with the bandages and gauze you will need tape to hold them in place.  Personally, and I’m not a doctor, I prefer the cloth tape that is breathable to the waterproof tape.

Saline Spray

Saline spray is a great preventative measure to be used for cleaning out your sinuses if you believe you have been exposed to airborne illness.  If you have a history of allergies or sinus issues this is something you should consider getting.  It can also be used to irrigate wounds.


Since it can not only be used to clean wounds, but also your clothes, and even treat water, hydrogen peroxide should be in everyone’s medical supply.

Hot and Cold Packs

Injuries like muscle bruises and sprangs will heal faster if you can apply heat and cold.  In a disaster, it is highly unlikely that you are going to have spare ice or the time and means to heat water quickly to apply to the injured area.  Keeping a few packages of hot and cold packs could greatly decrease the time you or someone in your family spends recovering.


Don’t waste money on items you don’t need, or don’t even know how to use.  You can get all the medical supplies that you will actually use much cheaper if you don’t go with a kit.


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