Basics of Home Defense

Every year, on average, one million Americans are victims of violent home invasions.  Self-defense starts at home.  What can you do to increase your chances of survival?

Get a dog

It doesn’t have to be a Pitbull to increase your safety, and a large dog has its drawbacks in some situations.  For one, if you are thinking about long-term survival after a disaster, a large dog requires more food than a small dog.  But even a Chihuahua can wake you up when someone is trying to break in, giving you the chance to arm yourself that could save your life.

Get a gun

There is no gun that is right for everyone or every situation, but a good home-defense weapon to consider is a 20g shotgun.  This is a rifle that is easily obtainable, even in states with restrictive gun laws, and even in the hands of an inexperienced shooter, they can be highly effectively for home defense.  A 20g number three buckshot shell contains nineteen 25 caliber pellets that will spread out to the size of a basketball by the time they get to the other end of a large room.  This makes missing your target harder than hitting it. They’re a great survival weapon in general as well, because they can be used for hunting.

Other weapons and considerations

Of course, not everyone can get a firearm to protect themselves, so everyone needs to think about what would be right for them in the instance of home defense.
For instance, a can of pepper spray that might make sense for defense jogging or walking home alone at night, will actually do you little good inside, where it will leave you breathing the same irritants as your attacker. A baseball bat in the hands of petite woman will do little to no good against a large man or multiple attackers.  A stun gun might fail to penetrate a jacket.

For anyone who cannot use a firearm for their defense I recommend considering the combination of a 600 lumen flash light and a six-inch blade.  There are other combinations that one might find more suitable such as an airsoft and a hatchet, or any other combination of items that give you the ability to strike your would-be attacker without them being able to look at you and therefor defend against your attack.

Present a hard target

Don’t make your residence appealing to break into.  Get dark curtains or black-out blinds so that it would be difficult for someone outside to know if you are awake or even inside.  Keep a porch light on at night.  Plant plants with thorns under windows.  Lock all doors and windows.  And be a little nosey.  Get to know your neighbors and their activities within reason.  Get security cameras.

This is just a brief overview of some short-term home defense options that are also important considerations for long-term survival defense. Each individual will have different options and considerations to take into account, so just be smart, do your research, and do whatever you can to protect yourself and your family.

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