Catching Squirrels Without Bait

The downside of most traps is that they require bait.  In a survival situation, you might not have any food that you want to sacrifice, or you might not have any food at all.  One trap that doesn’t require any bait to function effectively is a squirrel pole.


Here’s how to make one:

  1. First, observe your surroundings.  Locate and area of high squirrel activity, preferably a tree that houses squirrels.
  2. Next, gather some 8 to 12 foot logs that are about as wide as your arms.
  3. Then, put nooses on the log.  Wire is preferable, but cordage will work.  If you do use cordage you will want check your pole more often, though from a distance.  If a squirrel is left in a noose made of cordage it could chew its way out and escape.
  4. Put the nooses standing up about 1 inch from the log.
  5. Place the lowest noose approximately 18 inches from the bottom of the log and the top noose 18 inches from the top of the log.
  6. Finally, lean the log against a tree that you have observed squirrel activity in, at a 45-degree angle.  Do this same thing to several trees in the greater area if you have the material to make that many nooses.

While you don’t want to leave a squirrel to rot on your pole, if you have wire nooses you will not have to check it as regularly as other traps.  Even if you catch a squirrel on your pole, other squirrels may still use the pole and become trapped as well.

This trap is easy to manufacture even for a beginner, and since it requires no bait, its success depends entirely on location.  Without bait squirrels will not be drawn to your trap, you will have to put it where they already are.

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