DIY Paracord Bracelet

I just shared an article all about paracords, and since one of the most popular ways to carry paracord for EDC is in a handy bracelet, I thought I’d share some really simple instructions on how to make your own from

These are great DIYs, in my opinion, because they’re really simple to do, and what could be smarter than keeping something as versatile and useful as a paracord on your person at all times? Plus, they make great gifts for survival-minded friends and family, and making your own is much more affordable than buying them.

You could probably spin off this basic braid and find different ways to incorporate paracord into your EDC items, by wrapping it around a flashlight, on the strap of your backpack, making lanyards, etc. There are tons of different braids out there too, so if you come up with an idea, you can probably find instructions on Pinterest for it.

But this is a great starting point for a very simple and easy basic paracord bracelet, and I would highly recommend having one of these for yourself and everyone in your family. Here you go:

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