Dollar Store Survival Items

Bugging out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are definitely some items you’ll want to invest more money in, like backpacks or tents, or maybe weapons or hunting tools, but there are many items at the dollar store that are not only great to have in a bug-out bag, they’re dirt-cheap so they’re easy to hoard. Every dollar store is different, so check your local one and see what they have! Here’s some good items to look out for:


Dollar stores and even big box stores typically have cheap packs of lighters and matches. Butane lighters run out, but they’re fortunately light, portable, and don’t take up much space. You can probably get a few month’s worth for just a few bucks.


Dollar stores always have cheap candles. These are also items that are great for any household to hoard, prepping or not. You can get the cheap tea-lites or bigger emergency candles for pretty cheap, and there’s typically a variety of options so you can choose what fits best for you.

Toilet Paper

Need I say more? Obviously toilet paper is a must, and you can get it, as well as paper towels and napkins, for very cheap at the dollar store.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer could save your live depending on the situation, and you can usually find both big and small bottles for very cheap at dollar stores.


Many dollar stores sell small bottles of many generic medicines, such as acetamenaphane, ibuprophin, anti-diarrheal, fever reducer, cough medicine and antihistamines. Some or all of these, especially in small bottles, could be very useful to have in a bug-out bag or DIY first aid kit.

Ziploc Bags 

Ziploc bags are amazing. You can use them to organize everything in your bug out bag, to keep things relatively airtight, to keep items dry and protected from weather and of course keep food fresh. You can usually find cheap packs of a generic brand at the dollar store.

Feminine Products

This probably won’t be your go-to option for daily use in regular life, but it can be expensive to hoard name-brand feminine hygiene products. You probably won’t be as particular after SHTF, not to mention, maxi pads have a lot of additional survival applications.


Most dollar stores sell those cheap little ponchos folded up into small packets-this is a great item to stock up on. Having lots of waterproof, plastic material could come in very handy in many situations.

When shopping cheap for survival items, every store and product will vary slightly. Just make sure you’re getting quality and/or your money’s worth (if it’s cheap, it doesn’t necessarily have to be top-of-the-line as long as it preforms its function). The great thing about dollar store products is you can buy one and try it out before committing to dozens. A good way to decide what might work for you would be to go into the store and imagine what you’d loot if SHTF-ha! Either way, be smart, be sensible, and enjoy all that cheap consumer goods have to offer for your prepping efforts.

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