Dressing for Survival   


We’ve all probably heard the phrase “dressed for success”, and while it’s doubtful that the phrase originated from anything to do with survival, it certainly holds true for survival.  Your clothing will be your primary shelter in a survival scenario, and it might be your only shelter.  The wrong clothing could get you killed, and what works in one scenario might not work in another.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when about what you might need out of your clothing to increase your chances of survival.


  • Cotton kills. The hoodie that you wear to stay warm in an urban or suburban setting that often consists of walking from a home to a vehicle, to another building, will not keep you alive for long if wet weather rolls in.  Cotton absorbs moisture which will eliminate your clothing’s insulating ability.
  • Wool wicks. Wool helps wick moisture away from your body and contains lanolin that helps repel water.  In wet conditions, wool will always keep you warmer longer than cotton.
  • Poly materials like Gore-Tex are far superior to any natural material in their ability to keep you dry and therefore keep you warm and alive.
  • If your area is hot and dry, poly material, even a polyester-cotton blend shirt, will cause you to sweat and lose hydration much faster than a 100% cotton shirt. Despite what many think, research shows that long sleeves keep you cooler and hydrated longer by producing a micro-climate between the shirt and your skin which reduces the need to sweat.
  • Your feet might be your only method of travel, keep them as healthy and protected as possible. If waterproofing is something you will need in your area look for boots that do not have a separate tongue, but are one piece.
  • Your clothing should protect you from more than just the elements, long pants and long sleeves will reduce scraps and scratches that could get infected. Look for durable clothing, but take care of it too so that it can take care of you.

More than likely, you don’t daily wear the type of clothing that will protect you in a survival situation, so don’t neglect proper clothing in your gear preparation.

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