Emergency CPR (Infographic)

Sometimes it’s skills and not supplies that can save a life.  One such example is learning how to perform CPR.  CPR, or cardiopulmonary resurrection, can be the difference between life and death in a variety of scenarios ranging from heart attacks, accidents, near drownings, suffocations, smoke inhalation, and electric shock (including lightning strikes).

Even now, while things are going relatively well, hundreds of thousands of people die in America each year, that might have been saved if someone near them knew the lifesaving skill of CPR.  How much more necessary when dialing 911 is not an option because of disaster or being isolated.  When someone near you is dying, you want to be able to do more than watch, learn CPR now so that you save the lives of those around you if the need arises.  Here is an infographic, originally posted on www.visualstan.com, which gives basic instructions.




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