Gear for a Stealth Bug Out   


One major principle in selecting survival gear is versatility, you want gear that can do more than one job and is suitable for more than one situation.  However; there are times when gear that would normally be on the top of anyone’s list is not going to suit your purposes.  One of these cases is when stealth is your primary concern.  Here are some pieces of gear that you should consider substituting in your bag if stealth is necessary to your survival.


Folding Saw

There are few tools more quintessential to the woodsman than an ax, but if you are wanting to remain undetected you probably don’t want to be slamming a 2-pound piece of metal into wood 100 times a day to stay warm, boil water, and cook food.  A folding saw will allow you to process your wood in relative silence.

Rocket Stove

Smoke can give your location away to those that are downwind by the smell, and to those that are miles away visually in some landscapes.  Having a rocket stove will allow you to burn less wood and produce little to no smoke.

Survival Bow

If you already have a high dollar compact bow, that’s great, but for those that don’t you might want to consider getting a survival bow.  They can be stored in your pack which makes them easier to transport, especially through brush, and like all bows are silent, with ammunition that can potentially be used over and over again.

All Weather Sleep System

Building a shelter than can provide the amount of warmth and waterproofing found in a high quality all weather sleep system requires using a lot of resources from the area which will produce a visible scar to those that know what to look for, and it can’t be rolled up and taken with you.


Make sure that your gear reflects your plans and your needs rather than getting gear that is appealing and trying to work around it.

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