How to Escape From Zip Ties

his will work Zip ties are a frightening way to be restrained. Not only are they a common choice of restraint for police officers these days, but also, unfortunately, criminals. They are notoriously impossible to loosen, and a person can exhaust a lot of energy and cause themselves great psychological distress if they even try.

While it’s not too pleasant to think about the possible scenarios in which you might end up restrained by zip ties, but it’s worth it to know how to escape from their grip. Here are a few steps to help you if you ever end up in the position where you need to know how.


First things first, stick your hands out as far as you can, with your forearms together. This will only really work if your hands are restrained in front of you, so if you have been restrained from behind, try to see if you can step through your arms and get them in front.

Rotate the Zip Ties

Next, identify the placement of the “lock” part of the zip tie. If you can, rotate it around so it’s as close to your wrists as possible. You might need to use your teeth, since this will be difficult to do with the mobility of your hands being so limited.

Breaking Free

This is the crucial moment. Raising your hands as high above your head as you can, and in one quick and strong movement, pull them apart. Like ripping off a band-aid, to an extreme. Imagine you are going to pull your hands all the way down past your hips in this single movement. This should break the zip tie, but of course, it might take a few tries.

This move has to be executed at just the right angle or it won’t work, so if your first try fails, you might want to rest a bit (if you have time) and reposition. Before your first attempt, think carefully about which angle will work best.

If you absolutely fail at this, don’t worry. We’ll post a second method in a few days.


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