How to Identify House Spiders (Infographic)

Sometimes, we think so often about the big threats: war, natural disasters, economic meltdown, we forget the little threats all around us. Not even opportunistic criminals or buglers in our area, but tiny, potentially poisonous bugs hiding all around us.

That’s right, I’m talking about spiders. Some people dread them, others defend them, but either way, you need to know how to recognize them and assess their threat level to you, especially in a disaster when they might make more of an appearance than in daily life, as their habitats might be disturbed by a natural disaster or you might be going through a long-tucked-away survival stash and find the little creatures have made a home there.

It is true that spiders for the most part don’t have much interest in disturbing humans, this is true. They keep to themselves and feed on other bugs that might want to get into our stored food or just generally irritate us. However, many can be lethally poisonous and, if you have a run-in with them, aren’t afraid to defend themselves in this way.

This infographic, originally from, is a very useful guide to which house spiders are friendly and which are foes. It also has information on where each one is found within the continental United States, which is really handy. Take a look at this and see which arachnids you might find in your home.

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