Jugging: Not as Funny as it Sounds   

“Jugging” is a term that seems to be mainly used in Texas for a crime that is not geographically confined.  The basics of the crime involve watching a bank, or an ATM and waiting to see who makes a withdraw, then following that individual to a location that has less security so they can be robbed there more easily.  The internet has plenty of videos of juggings taking place, sometimes in parking lots of the next store the victim went to, sometimes even in their own driveways.  Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from such attacks no matter what they are called in your area.


  1. Practice situational awareness. Take note of people, groups, and cars that in the area of the ATM or bank, including across the street where many attackers choose to position themselves so they are less noticeable.
  2. Remain aware. Juggings don’t occur in the bank parking lot or near the ATM, so don’t let your guard down when you leave.  Check around you for the people, groups, and cars that you saw as you made your withdraw.  If you see any of them and believe you are being followed, DON’T STOP, call the police and continue to drive if possible.
  3. Conceal your withdraw. Robbers don’t want to attack someone that has just deposited money, and if you have your withdraw in your pocket or purse they are less likely to target you as someone that has their money or withdraw envelope clearly visible.
  4. Check surrounding before exiting. Juggings will always occur prior to your entering into your home of the business that you are taking your money to, this means that the most vulnerable time is when you exiting your vehicle after leaving the bank or ATM.  This is the time when your situational awareness needs to be at its highest.  Don’t turn your car off or get out until you have checked the area.  If you are armed, which I highly recommend, this is the time to make sure you are ready to respond if there is an attack.

Being aware of the tactics used by attacks means that you can prepare to protect yourself from them.  But knowing about it isn’t enough, apply that knowledge as you go about your life, and always practice situational awareness.

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