The Less Glamorous Side of Survival

A lot of people think of a Mad Max-type survival when they imagine a world after mass destruction or nuclear holocaust.

Cruising around a desolate world, every man or woman for themselves, in a tricked-out armored car, battling road warriors and fighting for survival.

But the truth about survival is that most of the scenarios you need to prepare for aren’t so glamorous. It is in fact very important to be prepared to defend yourself against a fearful, violent populace in the midsts of, or after a disaster, especially if you live in an urban environment. Even if you live in the country, however, you will also need to be prepared to protect yourself against looters and whatever version of the Mad Max type wandering vagabonds that might be out there after a major disaster.

That being said, there are many non-human threats you need to prepare for as well, and basics beyond simply acquiring food, water, and supplies. Here are some of these:

Beware of the elements

In a disaster, exposure is just as likely to kill you as another human is. You need to be prepared to defend yourself against disease and harsh weather just as much as ill-willed, starving, opportunistic criminals. Dehydration, over-exertion, injury, malnutrition, and disease are just as dangerous.

Avoid conflict

Avoid conflict with other people at all costs when struggling for survival. You might have stocked up on guns and ammunition before disaster struck, but that doesn’t mean you should go looking for a reason to use them. Avoid people and don’t draw attention to yourself. Violence should only be used as a last-resort method of self-defense. Otherwise, you’ll just be inviting trouble on your head.

Focus on tools more than weapons

We mentioned firearms, these, along with knives, bows, and clubs, can be useful as hunting tools just as much as weapons. Rifles will be more useful than handguns, while bows and knives are lightweight, universal, and can definitely defend you if you need to.

Rely on nature

Nature can be dangerous, but also can keep you alive. Foraging, hunting, and camouflaging yourself are all ways to harness nature rather than be threatened by it. Learn wilderness survival now to give you that leg up above those who will be most desperate when SHTF.

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