Mad Max Apocalyptic Workout: Top 10 Exercises (Video)

Fitness for survival is an incredibly important topic. We’ve spoken about it quite a bit on this blog, because we believe that the single most important tool you have for survival is your body, and you need to maintain and prepare your body if you want to survive.

Literally any scenario in which you will need to fight for your survival stands to be improved upon if you work on your health and fitness now. It’s not just about weight control either, you need to be building muscle and increasing flexibility and stamina too.

This video is actually incredibly useful. YouTuber Canadian Prepper shows us the top ten exercises for survival scenarios, spliced together with ways these exercises will be vital in a survival scenario. While there are many ways to get in shape without weight training, nothing can quite replace it either. If you have the means to buy a weight set or join a gym, this video is an excellent argument for just what an important survival investment that might be.

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